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I am the perfect combination of girl next door with a kinky side. You will usually see me dressed up in schoolgirl and cheerleader outfits, and the occasional lingerie to tease you with. Everything that matches with my cute, young and bubbly personality. I like to allow men a safe space to indulge my sweet and feminine body.
I always like to look the part and have the aura of a true femme fatale, and only a man can truly bring that out of me. I love the perfect combination of a stern, yet gentleman.
But I am not just a body. I love building deep connections through intelligent and thoughtful conversations. I take full pride in having very loyal and repeat clientele. I attract walks of life, but the middle-aged man with a little of a kinky side they can't wait to explore is the clientele that loves me the most. I am also amazing at catering towards first time brothel visitors. I like to take a few extra minutes when I know a man has taken the steps to see me specifically, it makes me feel special. My time is also precious, and my schedule is usually prebooked and lined up. So take advantage of my time in advance!
I spend my parties at the ranch in Playland. The perfect environment for role playing. These rooms are designed for all your deepest, darkest desires. I definitely play dress up in Playland.
I also will always love a classic girlfriend experience. My clients usually love to book me for longer parties and create memories.
You will also usually find me involved in the bungalow suites. King Arthur being my favorite. Also #3 is my lucky number.
Having lasting memories, and providing amazing parties is important to me. I am an open book. All of my parties are personalized to each of my clients. If I have never tried it before, let's try together! Possibilities are endless. Don't be shy!
I attract high end clientele, the classic businessman, who just needs to be in the company of a good girl who goes above and beyond, and who can help get you away from everyday worries.
My parties usually end with a massage for my gentleman to feel rejuvenated and on their way. With a next date planned in mind for us.
I like being pleasured as well, of course. My clients absolutely love to please, spoil me and experience my whole body, mind, and soul.
Whatever ways I can please you, please don't hesitate in letting me know ways to take good care of you. I am a true professional, but don't let that confuse you! I love smiling and laughing before, during, and after our parties. If anything, that's what differentiates me from any other girl. It's a great way to remember me by. Everything else is just a bonus that the right man will have no problem bringing out of me.

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My Best Feature: My eyes, cute smile, small frame and small feminine boobs. My cute and pretty feet and sparkly painted toes.

My favorite position: Missionary.

My favorite toy(s): Dildo Vibrator.

My favorite sport(s): Baseball.

My favorite color(s): Green.

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: Limo.

Language(s) I speak: .

My fantasy: To be totally submissive and treated like a bratty princess. Breakfast and dessert in bed. Waking up to a man and doing it all over again. Going to bed with cute pajamas and undressing cute outfits in the morning.

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My height: 5 feet 3 inch

My current weight: 110

My current hair-color: Brown

My eye color is: Blue

My current stats are: 32A 20 20

I am: Caucasian

My current age is: 23

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April 2024 - July 2024
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