Stay At Our Hotel

Stay overnight at our western style hotel and be a part of American Cultural History.

Are you a couple looking for a romantic excursion? Book one of our themed hotel suites. Each suite comes complete with a romantic fire place, elegant couches, and a luxurious couple's bath. In addition to great rooms, Sheri�s has a restaurant that offers mouth-watering American cuisine. Relax in our outdoor Jacuzzi and play some volleyball or tennis.

Sheri's has 7 standard rooms and 3 themed hotel suites for couples (or singles) who want to make a romantic fantasy come true!

The The Resort & Spa At Sheri's Ranch offers the following services:

  • Room Service
  • Limo Service
  • Jacuzzi

The hotel also has the following amenities:

  • Swimming Pool

What is the difference between the Hotel and Bungalows?

The Hotel at Sheri�s Ranch is not a part of our brothel services. Since the hotel is a distinct offering, our ladies do not entertain in the hotel area and do not venture to that portion of the property. Our hotel is a place where our guests can relax, refresh, and enjoy our beautiful desert resort with no obligation to partake of the titillating brothel services offered by our breathtaking courtesans.

The VIP Bungalows, on the other hand, are a part of the Sheri�s Ranch brothel experience. The bungalows are negotiated with the lady of your choosing as part of her services.

Hotel Room Rates

The following are the standard room rates. Our room rates are adjusted based on occupancy. We recommand that you contact the Hotel at (800) 506-3565 to learn the current room rates.


Sunday - Thursday: $75.00

Friday-Saturday: $85.00


Sunday - Thursday: $95.00

Friday-Saturday: $125.00

Romance Theme Hotel Suite

A romantic getaway doesn�t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you�re visiting Las Vegas to add some excitement to your marriage, stay overnight at one of the most �Adult� hotels in the state!

At Sheri�s you don�t need to hire a lady just to have fun! Come have a drink in our sports bar, have a romantic swim, maybe even take a couples sex ed. class! When you�re finished sneak back to your room and practice what you learned in the comfort of our romance theme hotel suite.

The Romance Theme Hotel Suite has the following amenities:
  • Fireplace
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave

Pirate Theme Hotel Suite

Don�t worry no plundering is necessary to get a relaxing pirate themed hotel suite at a reasonable price! Get lost on the seven seas in our couple�s hot tub, or rock the boat on our comfortable queen size bed.

Just because you stay in a pirate themed hotel suite doesn�t mean you need to sound like a pirate in the morning because of a bad night�s sleep. Fight your way through this page of nautical puns and set sail for slumber land!

Egyptian Theme Hotel Suite

No need to travel across the world to Egypt to sleep on luxurious threads. Stay the night in Sheri�s Egyptian themed hotel suite. Ever wanted to bathe in the Nile River?

We can�t help... But a couple�s bath tub might wash away the stress of the day! And afterwards if you decide to role play Egyptian King and Queen, we won�t tell "What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas"

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