There are no set prices because each courtesan is an independent contractor, and not a brothel employee. The ladies of Sheri's Ranch set their own prices which may vary periodically based upon menu selection and the contractor�s rate preferences.

A party of interest must examine the specific courtesan and negotiate services in person. The client and courtesan must discuss specific details for a complete understanding of the proposed party in order to determine an agreeable rate.

Pricing Factors to Consider:

  1. Client�s Attitude
  2. Party Timeframe
  3. Sex Menu Selection

The Negotiation Process:

Patrons must discuss prices with their chosen courtesan in the confines of her Sheri�s Ranch bedroom, and it�s always prudent to be cordial and respectful. The best scenario is selecting a lady to discuss the details in a friendly manner acknowledging that you�re attracted to her; if a compromise can�t be reached, it�s time to thank your courtesan for her time but decline the offer and say that you wish to return to the bar. Then talk with another lady until you�re satisfied.

It�s not good brothel etiquette to divulge a courtesan�s prices especially those given a repeat client, mutual lustful encounter, friend or slow time discount, etcetera.

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