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Hello there. I’m glad you’ve made your way to my page. *blush* My name is Tatum; how do you do? Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon my page after meeting me at Sheri’s (maybe even post-party), maybe you’re browsing in preparation for your trip, or maybe you scanned the QR code on my hand-made business card after crossing paths with me at the airport on my way to the ranch. However you arrived, “Welcome!” *holds your hand* So, what has brought you here today? Are you craving the erotic company of a fully present young woman? Are you seeking closeness and healing through heart-centered sexual connection? Are you simply curious about what it would be like to be intimate with me? Hint: There are no wrong answers. I welcome all ages, all levels of experience, & all abilities. I love to love & be loved upon.

A little about me:

I have been working as a dancer for almost two years, and before that I had been training both formally & informally in dance and acrobatics school. I am very in touch with my body and can move gracefully + sensually, especially to music that moves me within my heart. Before that, I worked as a nude portrait model for artists & art students which I began doing while in college at an Ivy League university in New York. I stepped away from my degree to heal myself from substance abuse issues and can proudly say that I am now fully sober and have been for many moons. A lovely aspect of “partying” with me here at the ranch is that you will always have me at my most genuine & clear-headed self. That being said, I do not mind if you partake–as long as you do not mind that I don’t.

While at university, I studied Human Development and got certified in empathetic counseling, an education which imparted a wonderful gift upon my work here at the ranch because I am able to be present for you, the human in front of me, in an authentically compassionate way. You will feel held by me spiritually, emotionally, and physically… & it is my highest pleasure to do so. A strength I bring to this work is that I feel genuinely called to do it & thus enjoy it thoroughly… which shines through in the happiness & spark I share with those who party with me. I’m an ardent lover & I’m not afraid to show it, vocally. For better or for worse, I have never in my life faked an orgasm or feigned a moan. I strive to be fully embodied with my heart + spirit + body (including my voice) all weaving together as one; to do any sort of “faking” would interrupt that synergy. It’s led me to be even more in touch with my own pleasure, and if you party with me you can be sure that you are experiencing the raw sounds and sensations of a woman in bliss.

A little fun fact is that I train in vaginal kung fu, which is essentially a weight-lifting & martial arts program for my most sacred muscles. Each week I work on adding more & more weight to the little satin bag which hangs from a thread attached to a jade stone egg within me. I swing the bag back & forth between my legs as I slingshot my muscles to keep the egg inside. When I fire those same muscles during sex, I’ve been told by lovers that it’s like nothing they’ve ever felt before. Of course, this strength helps me to have the ability to come over & over again. Another positive aspect of this training is my ability to get extremely wet at the slightest touch (& even before touch). It truly feels like I am wielding a magical power of some sort, and I work at the perfect establishment to share the fruits of my labor.


So, would you like to come by? I would love to meet you. I am totally interested in exploring anything that I have not mentioned above– I am very kink/fetish-friendly and especially thrive as a sub. I am a natural “good-girl” with a soft voice and a shy (at first) demeanor, and am eager to please (of course). I recommend making an appointment ahead of time, because I am a very routine-oriented person & like to have my day planned out in advance. To keep myself in top condition, I like to go to the gym every morning & get 8 hours of sleep every night. That being said, I totally accept walk-ins & have been known to jump out of bed (even after having been asleep) to happily greet an eager guest. Making an appointment ensures that I will be available & able to show you the level of attention & care that you deserve.

I look forward to meeting you!


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Tatum Love's preferences

My Best Feature: My smile and my heart.

My favorite position: Lotus

My favorite toy(s): My own hands

My favorite sport(s): Dance

My favorite color(s): Deep red

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: In a very cold river, and then moments later atop a bed of squishy green moss.

Language(s) I speak: English & a little French

My fantasy: That each of us leave the encounter feeling more whole, connected, & loved.

Tatum Love's body stats

My height: 5 feet 3 inch

My current weight: 125

My current hair-color: Brown

My eye color is: Green

My current stats are: 34D 27 34

I am: Caucasian

My current age is: 28

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July 2024 - October 2024
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