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I love being the most literal touch whore.

My insatiable need?

To explore desire. Mine, yours, all of it; I’m probably the most curious person you’ll ever meet.

I dream of joining you (and anyone you love) in the heights of pleasure. Once upon a time, I thought—feared—pleasure and deep fulfillment were not for me. Now I know what it’s like to play with full joy, and I want to help as many people as possible experience the transcendent ecstasy that changed my life.

Perhaps you’d like me to be that partner for you?

My gift in this life is deeply appreciating *everything,* getting excited about all things legal and consensual, and researching the fuck out of things that turn me on (and that turn on the people who turn *me* on).

My ideal lovers are thoughtful. They do their best to communicate, and can handle receiving an intense amount of enthusiastic adoration. Emails about what you’re into are hot. Entitlement is a turn-off.

I always enjoy a quickie or a one-off, but my lovers by far enjoy their greatest experience when budgeting to prioritize a life of pleasure—and they are especially ecstatic when they set aside several hours or a whole night to play.

I’ll probably get inspired by you and make some art. I am fueled by fuckings, love living life to the lustiest, and desire those who desire me and show me, in my favorite ways, with abundant clarity.

Let’s cross some stuff off our bucket lists together.


Yes, we always use barriers (condoms, dental dams, Lorals).

Yes, I am a safety-first kinda lady.

I am horniest first thing in the morning (6-9 AM-ish) and afternoon (3-6-ish). I can rally between 9 PM and 5 AM if extremely excited, but you will have to *really* excite me.

No, I’m not publicly “out” with this job. If you see me in the real world, please be chill & kind. If you wanna “OMG” over anything, do it privately or email me here.

Yes, most of my family knows I am this horny and they love me anyway; no, they don’t want to be reminded about the specifics of my greatest passions in life.

Yes, my long-term lovers know I’m here and are turned on by it.

Yes, you can ask me specifics about why I’m here.

Yes, my room is awesome. It’s a Lunar Temple.

No, it won’t be weird.

No, I won’t fake it.

No, I won’t “prove“ to you that I really am as excited as I seem, that’s called trust.

Yes, you can ask me what I like about my time with you and I will answer honestly and kindly.

Yes, I can also help you figure stuff out if you’re confused about sex. Learning (esp about sex) is my thing.

Yes, I’m great with couples, and people on the spectrum.

Yes, I take your privacy very seriously, including lovers in the public eye.

Yes, I really do think we could fuck our way to world peace.

Yes, I often get off on the fantasy that “we are one” and the idea that we’re all a connected consciousness that’s using different bodies as the most highly detailed sex toys to masturbate. It makes me giggle and turns me on so much, and makes me really excited to meet the people out there who are my fits.

The best sex I’ve ever had is always the sex I am having and/or about to have.

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My Best Feature: Brain, curiosity, and enthusiasm.

My favorite position: Any position that feels the best in that moment-- I want to try them all.

My favorite toy(s): Neon wand, magic wand, plugs, and anything kinky.

My favorite sport(s): Sex!

My favorite color(s): Moon gray.

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: Ask me!

Language(s) I speak: Conversational French, German, and Spanish.

My fantasy: I want to explore everything eventually!

Luna Robbie's body stats

My height: 5 feet 8 inch

My current weight: 123

My current hair-color: Hair? What Hair?

My eye color is: Blue

My current stats are: 30DD 26 36

I am: Caucasian

My current age is: 33

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May 2022 - August 2022
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