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I am a writer and researcher studying to get my Masters in Sexual Health. A mixture of wild creativity, sensuality and practicality, I delve into mutual desire to discover deep relaxation and exhilaration, whatever adventure we choose to embark upon together.

Maybe it’s just a conversation, maybe it’s a lesson, maybe it’s a session of exploration, a fantasy actualization, or an exercise of tried-and-true favorites. Either way, I will take excellent care of you.

My body loves giving and receiving touch. My mind is curious to know what you wonder about. My heart thumps in delight when another person is willing to share themselves with me in connected, intimate ways. My spirit is pretty turned on most of the time, and I am especially aroused by kindness.

You are invited to let go of your fears, but you don’t have to; they’ll melt away once we settle in. Worried about you weirds? I love them if you feel like sharing, but I won’t poke. I find every human being baffling, unique, and a pleasure to discover.

Come in and say hi. Let’s get to know each other and see where it takes us.



Unique—just like everyone else.
I love direct speech, but in sensation I prefer the long route. Teasing that builds tension over time is a tried-and-true favorite. I also respond awesomely to quickies, fantasies, threesomes, playing with my lady friends, and anyone who likes fun.

Sex is my favorite topic; however, I have a wide set of interests, including neuroscience, space, all creative arts, meditation, theology, psychology, communication, technology, anything related to systems or patterns, farm stuff, cute animals, and if you have an interest I haven’t explored yet, discovering something through someone else’s passion is another thing that lights my fire.


When was the last time you felt deeply appreciated for being yourself?

This slow-paced session gives us time to connect, and offers the fullest access to my heart, mind and body. Choose your own adventure—do you want deep, connected conversation? Multiple rounds? Exploring a long-desired fantasy for the first time? Maybe you need a friendly deviant who will delight in your kink. Perhaps you require a sampler platter. Join me for hours of nourishing replenishment.

What if you could have the threesome of your dreams—and feel totally safe about it?

If you and your partner are looking to explore with a bisexual lover who understands the landscape of non-monogamy (even when it’s anarchy) and you happen to both like tall natural dirty blondes and conscious communication, I’d love to meet you. I love queer folx, am an experienced group play tour guide for newbies, and love to celebrate the relationships of couples already familiar with their freaky parts. No one will ever be left out…on accident (imagine a happy devil emoji here).

Want a grownup play friend you can go all the way with?

I love fulfilling fantasies, and have a background in performance, improv and BDSM—if you can articulate what you’re into and it’s something I am legally allowed to support you in facilitating, consider me aroused. Yes, to vanilla, kink and fetish proclivities! I understand how vulnerable this can be and am here to help you have so much fun you’ll forget you were ever nervous. I love making dreams come true.


Extremely both.

I am deeply into a wide array of sensations and can still get lost in the basics for hours. If you touch my eyebrow, I feel it all the way down my spine. Trace your finger along my neck and my whole-body lights up. Put your hands around my waist and my animal being will melt into the invitation to cozy up. And if you lay on me after an orgasm? I’ll be the happiest girl in the world. Vanilla sex is my favorite way to get to know a new play partner, especially if we’re considering exploring an intense kink scenario.

I am a service switch with a submissive origin story. Experienced in power dynamics with an ever-growing list of technical skills as a Top, send me a message if you’re looking for something specific.


Nope, life is too short to do boring things.

I have such a wide net of delicious YES and such an appreciation and excitement to bring joy to kind, respectful, mutually curious people, I never have to fake a thing. If facilitating my orgasm is important to you, I’d rather teach you how I work than trick you into ineffective habits—especially if you want to come back to see me! Plus, my acting skills are a specialty service ;)

If I have to pretend to like someone, they are not someone I like to work or play with—no matter where I am in the world.


Get as clear as reasonably possible about what you want and book an appointment with me during my next tour—scroll down to see my dates on the calendar.

Keep in mind: what you get out of our experience will absolutely be proportional to your personal preparation, attitude and inputs, so I recommend a mindful, sober approach to inviting me to fulfill your desires (plus, we cannot legally work with intoxicated individuals).

In the days leading up to our session, make sure to take extra good care of yourself—eat well, hydrate, move your body, meditate on me and edge yourself if you’re really feeling dedicated. If nerves start to surface, remember it’s normal and they will move through in their own time.

But seriously, hydrate. A lot. It’s the desert, and blood can’t…flow…without water ;)

*** Feel free to message me with any questions that aren’t about price :) ***

Bonus points if you include a smiley photo, super bonus points if you spoil me by granting wishes from my list and super duper bonus points if you make an appointment to come see me!!!

Come exhilarate and restore yourself.

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My Best Feature: my squeezable butt, worshipable nipples, or my stamina

My favorite position: I find favorite positions with each partner depending on how we fit together—but legs together are always a win. Any way my pussy is touching you is a win!

My favorite toy(s): a butt plug & a magic wand

My favorite sport(s): Swimming, biking and intense fucking, me on top!

My favorite color(s): Lunar gray, like a very pale lavender.

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: I’ve squirted off the roof of a 22-story building under a full moon.

Language(s) I speak: Basic French, German, and Spanish.

My fantasy: Massage you in Playland’s locker room, ravage me on the boss’ desk, service you on the tantra chair, spank me in the classroom before a fuckswing finale and a chill jacuzzi wind-down—with your and/or my friends!

Luna Robbie's body stats

My height: 5 feet 8 inch

My current weight: 123

My current hair-color: Blonde

My eye color is: Blue

My current stats are: 30DD 26 36

I am: Caucasian

My current age is: 35

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July 2024 - October 2024
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