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Have you ever had to write or talk about yourself for others to read or listen to? Of course you have at one point in time. It's oddly awkward and uncomfortable in my opinion. Unless you're a complete narcissist, in which case words will just flow easily and naturally for you......don't worry I'm only kidding. I think these things usually start off with positive descriptions of the people writing them, but I'll start and work backwards. I'm not perfect; I'm only human and have my flaws. At times I can be a little too honest. I am a terrible flirt, and I tend to be overly sarcastic.
Getting to know me past my flaws can be rewarding; I am truly genuine. I know visiting for the first time can be quite nerve wrecking and intimidating. My quirky and bubbly personality will help take some of the nerves and doubt away. Life's too short to be anything but happy; let's create amazing memories together.
What I do isn't always about sex, rather it's about understanding what individuals need. "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder," they say. It's the same with intimacy. From one person to another it is never the same. I'd love to not only explore you physically but mentally as well, in order to give you pleasure like you've never experienced before. I can be passionate and romantic for those who want the ultimate girlfriend experience. I can also be an erotic seductress for those who have fantasies wild beyond imagination. I'm very open minded and can't wait to make your most desired fantasy a reality. I think it's true when they say the best things come in small packages, wouldn't you agree?
Book your next appointment with me today. My schedule is highlighted in the calendar below. Don't hesitate or second guess it. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”
Confidently yours,

PS if you'd like to bring gifts or flowers you're more than welcome!

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My Best Feature: I'd love to tell you my best feature, but I'd much rather hear it from you.

My favorite position: The lotus flower (honestly i just think it sounds pretty) call me old fashioned but missionary and doggy does the trick for me. I'm open to new and more exciting ideas just let me know!

My favorite toy(s): The hitachi magic wand and lelo .

My favorite sport(s): boxing and football.

My favorite color(s): Aquamarine, that color you see everytime you think of a tropical beach getaway
Rose gold and white is my favorite color combination

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: on a boat in the middle of the ocean and infront of a floor to ceiling window.

Language(s) I speak: English.

My fantasy: Waking up and bathing under a waterfall on a secluded island relaxing sipping on fresh coconut juice and not having a care in the world. .

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My height: 4 feet 11 inch

My current weight: 100

My current hair-color: Black

My eye color is: Brown

My current stats are: 32DD 24 34

I am: Various

My current age is: 30

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May 2024 - August 2024
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