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Everything good above has been said! I will add, she's a very fine lady!

Just don't expect your hair to be neat when you leave, LOL

review by Ron on 9/9/2022 8:17:16 AM

Ron gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

If I could give more that 5 stars I would. What a memorable experience with Anika!! And one worth repeating again and again! I will in my mind of course! All I can say is take time talking to her to get to know her. I know it sounds cliche in today's world but oral communication skills are a must. She is a beautiful intelligent woman who puts you at ease the moment you meet her.

After talking for a while in the bar, we went to her room to begin our "negotiations". There were high numbers and low numbers, but it was very simple to come up with one that was probably one of the least anxiety-riddled negotiations I have ever had at Sheri's and have probably been 10 times since I have lived here.

It is all about respecting the profession, and Anika will go out of her way to please you. The sex was one of the best experiences I have had in a very long time. We thoroughly enjoyed each other's company in multiple ways. If you want an unforgettable experience, I would book an appointment with Anika as soon as possible!!!! Until we meet again my dear!!!

review by Mister Thick on 8/20/2022 9:15:05 PM

Mister Thick gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

First off, Anika is even more beautiful and sexy in person than her profile shows. She is a wonderfully kind and sexy woman to spend time with. Go ahead and make an appointment with her for a great non-rushed experience! You will not be disappointed!

review by Justaguyfromtexas on 8/18/2022 3:13:01 PM

Justaguyfromtexas gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Anika is the best party companion you could ever ask for. She is the definition of class and elegance.

This was my second time partying with Anika within the same week. For this trip, I scheduled appointments with Anika on consecutive days. Anika welcomed me as an old friend/lover as we caught each other up on our week and quickly rekindled our flirtations from our first party. Anika takes note of even the most minute details to ensure that you both can build a deeper connection with each new party.

It would take way too long to get into the specifics of our party but all I can say is that if you are willing to try and please Anika, she will reciprocate that pleasure tenfold. If you are seeking a sensual and nurturing woman who provides the maximum amount of intimacy one could give, Anika is your girl.

Although the sex is AMAZING, I can say that I have had very few conversations in my life that were as engaging and insightful as the ones I’ve had with Anika. I apologize to the parties in the adjacent rooms as our moaning and laughing probably kept them from a good nights sleep.

I recommend Anika to anyone who is looking to have a life-changing experience at Sheri’s. Anika, if you ever read this, you are a truly special person. Your willingness to be vulnerable around me has provided me with the opportunity to learn more about myself and has given me a much needed boost in self-confidence. I look forward to our next party. Remember to listen to Call Her Daddy and I’ll finish the George Carlin doc.

review by PostNutClarity on 7/16/2022 8:39:36 PM

PostNutClarity gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

I had booked an online meeting with Anika about a week prior, and when the day finally came and I drove out and reached the Ranch, I was beyond nervous. The thought had even crossed my mind to just leave before she came to greet me at the lobby and hightail it back to where I came from, but the second she walked out and introduced herself to me, my nerves immediately settled.

Anika is incredibly sociable and warm, and after she gave me a quick tour of the brothel, she took me back to her room where we began to just sit down and talk. Conversation went from the unfairness that sex workers have to deal with all the way to bonobo monkeys. At this point I was totally calm and comfortable around her, and expressed to her how this was my first brothel experience and first sexual experience period. She was so non-judgemental about this and was even happy that I chose her to be my first, and after our time together, I’m happy I chose her as well.

Negotiations were quick and simple and when the fun began, she took me through a wild and hot journey that really put me through the ringer. There was a lot of guidance and an emphasis on making sure that I was enjoying myself and that I was comfortable the whole way through, and this is something I appreciated so much. I never felt rushed during our entire time together and she always made me feel safe.

My goal was to walk out with a happy memory in regards to my first time having sex, and that’s exactly what I got out of it. You can’t go wrong spending time with Anika, and I thank her dearly for the experience!

review by J on 7/12/2022 7:10:20 PM

J gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

I had a WONDERFUL evening with Anika last night. I actually had an appointment with a different girl, who ended up running behind. After speaking to a few different women, Anika sat Down and introduced herself.
I was nervous and a little anxious, but she IMMEDIATELY put me at ease. Her tone and mannerisms were mesmerizing, and after speaking for a handful of minutes, I asked her if we could go back to her room to discuss ideas., to which she enthusiastically agreed.
We went back to her room, with her showing me around the premises as we went. We continued to talk, and she kept me completely at ease. She sat me down and sat next to me and we started the much dreaded negotiation process. I told her I was unsure of what I was looking for, and she informed me that she kind of specializes in a "Girlfriend Experience" where she prefers to take it slow and get to know each other, which is almost exactly what I was looking for. I told her what I was comfortable with for reciprocation, and she told me where she was at, and after a couple minutes of ABSOLUTELY tension free discussion, we were able to come to an agreement that we were both happy with. When I asked her what kind of time frame we were looking at, she said that she didn't prefer to look at time, but rather take it naturally, stating "Im not going to kick you out of my roomnif that's what you mean.." which we both laughed over.

After the brief "check" and trip to settle with the cashier, we were back in her room. She asked if I would give her a couple minutes to change, and said I was free to undress. but If Id like to wait for her, she would gladly undress me as we went. I opted to wait, And was absolutely rewarded for doing so.
She took her time, CLEARLY enjoying the process of exploring my body, as well as allowing me to explore hers. She is STUNNINGLY gorgeous. She's tall, with AMAZING long legs and perfect breasts. We spent a good amount of time continuing to explore each other.
She was very attentive, very understanding of my apprehension, and made everything feel completely natural, like I'd known her forever.
After our first round. we laid on the bed, with her cuddled up next to me and just talked. I must have made some noises when shifting around, because she asked how my back felt. I told her that yeah, I was tense from the long drive. she said, "well roll over" and proceeded to give me one if the best massages I have ever had. Her hands are as wonderful s the rest of her body. after that massage, we continued to talk, sharing our experiences on everything from Literature to Sex Work. It was one of the most AMAZING experiences I have EVER had.
We talked for a bit, and she brought everything back around to my pleasure again, without me having to ask or suggest that we continue. She clearly enjoys ALL aspects Of what she does, whether it's cuddling, talking, giving massages, or making sure her "partner" is ABSOLUTELY satisfied and satiated.

Finally, after laying down and talking some more, she looked at the clock, and knowing I had a meeting in the morning, said "I should let you get back to your hotel room so you can get some sleep!" I looked at the clock and was AMAZED how much time had gone by!! She absolutely lived up to NOT being a clock watcher, and I actually felt guilty for her devoting SO MUCH time to me.
She helped me get dressed, and walked me up front where we said or goodbyes. I left absolutely happy, relaxed, and satisfied. I will absolutely be looking for her when I come back!!
I even spent the ride back to my hotel adding a couple of the books she suggested to my library.

review by David L on 7/11/2022 2:06:08 PM

David L gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

I had an opportunity to spend some time with Anika, went for a nuru experience.
Mind blown by the sensuality, don't miss her.
Looking forward to my next visit.

review by Sam on 7/11/2022 9:40:50 AM

Sam gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

For my second visit to Sheri’s I had the honor of partying with the lovely Anika. I can’t even begin to describe how genuine, kind, and nurturing Anika is as a person. I had scheduled a rather early appointment (6:30 AM) but Anika was ready to meet with me and was able to give me a more in-depth tour of the ranch as she explained the bungalows that are available. Before we ever discussed the specifics of my party, Anika and I had a great conversation that allowed us to truly connect. We found that we both had spent a significant part of our lives in Hawaii and how our lives have changed over the last few years (particularly with COVID).

For our party, Anika went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied. As I am rather inexperienced, Anika was more than willing to demonstrate and explain the many ways in which you can please a lady. I believe we both were pleasantly surprised by our performance due to it being an early morning appointment. As we both were operating on virtually no coffee or food, we were a bit dizzy by the end of our party. For anyone looking to party with Anika or any other beautiful lady at Sheri’s I urge you to hydrate!

I plan on visiting the ranch and partying with Anika again very soon. I’m grateful to have met such a great person.

review by LocalBoy on 7/10/2022 2:57:55 PM

LocalBoy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

After I walked into the bar and was about to sit down this absolutely gorgeous woman walked up and introduced herself. Her name was Anika and her photos do not do her justice as she is without a doubt even more beautiful in person. We talked for a few minutes and she was so interested in if it was my first trip to Sheri's; she wanted to know where I came from and how the drive was. Have I gotten something to eat and she help me to see if there was a room to stay at the hotel on site. Which was super helpful! After I settled into my room we met up and she gave me an amazing tour of Sheri's. We then went to her room and she explained everything in great detail. She answered all of my questions and after we agreed on what works for me we set up a time that works for me.

I had an amazing time with her as she was so very sensual and gave me such a great massage. Without a doubt I cannot put this over enough she is a great at Nuru Massage. With her background in massage she gives the best massage ever. You can tell she incorporates techniques she learned and used throughout her time as a massage therapist. I felt ten times better after the massage and I highly recommend that if you stop by to see her.

Thank you so very much for the honor and privilege of your company Anika.

review by Darren on 6/11/2022 7:42:02 PM

Darren gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Oh my God, what a beautiful woman!
When Anika sat down next to me in the bar, she was so sweet and made me feel
entirely comfortable right away. The rush of excitement at first look into her eyes
was something I’ll never forget. After meeting with some of the other girls, I knew that Anika and I had made a connection, and it was off to party without a doubt!
Anika made negotiations easy by guiding me thru the simple process with class,
letting me focus on my excitement to spend time with this angel.
Apparently she is a mind reader, and was both naughty and deeply passionate.
I don’t know how she got in my head like that, but she’s welcome back in there anytime! She didn’t miss a thing I was hoping for. Excitement, passion, love.
Afterwards, she spent beautiful quiet time with me and we even compared musical
tastes, and one of her suggestions played in the lobby as I was leaving. Coincidence?
I hope to cross paths with you again Anika, but until then know you’ll remain firmly forever in my dreams.

review by V on 5/17/2022 4:38:26 PM

V gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Anika is truly like how she describes herself in her bio. A gentle woman who genuinely wanted to connect with me, by listening to my story and also sharing her own. I was pleasantly surprised by how much she knew about different cultures around the world and how easily she was able to understand me because of that.

I got the feeling that she genuinely cared about me having fun. She made sure I had the perfect environment to make me feel at ease (I have now found a whole new appreciation for Led Zeppelin!). I came here after a very rough two years from the pandemic, primarily looking for some intimacy and companionship accompanied by hot sex. And I got it all. I personally found her to be even more attractive in person (which is hard to believe but true), maybe because I got to know more about who she is as a person.

One can be surrounded by friends and still feel completely lonely. But with just her alongside me, I felt happy, safe and most importantly, not alone for the first time in a long time. Thank you, Anika!

review by S on 4/12/2022 11:39:22 PM

S gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

This woman is amazing! Heartfelt, intelligent, articulate, intuitive and So incredibly sexy. With her hands, I experienced the most incredible and erotic massage of my entire life. She understands the complexity of the human emotional and physical bodies and brought that into our session in way that blew all of me Wide Open. I am deeply and profoundly grateful to Anica and for Shari's for making this safe space possible. I simply cannot recommend Anica enough!

review by JohnCole Meeker on 4/11/2022 7:38:19 AM

JohnCole Meeker gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Anika was a pleasure to meet, right of she was concerned about me, how my long I had driven, did I want to get something to eat, what kind of party was I thinking of and the time that was best for me. It was funny getting her to pause so I could find out what she wanted. Anika's is a very caring woman who wants to please and that's obvious after seeing her long background in massage in her Bio.
Because I was wanting physical contact and wanting to try something new we decided to go with her background while mixing it up with the nuru massage room.
It was fantastic. I knew going in there was quite a height difference between us and it was all the better. I will be back to see Anika again to try something completely different.
I really like the set up of the nuru massage room.

review by Wes on 3/17/2022 2:55:26 AM

Wes gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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