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Lady is awesome! I just partied with her and Nicolette and they are both amazing! Lady is like her name implies a totally wonderful woman who will take care of you, if you’re looking for a soft, caring woman Lady is who you want!

review by Jeremy on 9/10/2021 2:23:43 AM

Jeremy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I'm not sure this will get to you all visiting but I want to share my experience at Sheri's Ranch. I did some research and decided this was the best place to go. Regardless of any reviews you've read, they definitely excited. So I fly in to Las Vegas Nevada for the first time and they arranged free pickup to and from the property as long as you don't leave. I was a little confused on where to get picked up but the driver was super cool and helped me figure it out. It was a newer Buick and his personal car. You could literally eat off the floor it was so clean. So Sergei picks me up and starts bullshitting with me. This guy is no bum. He has an engineering degree and works on turbines! So we get to the ranch and I'm so nervous and Sergei says, I looked at your area code and have a free drink in a cooler for you. How cool is that? So I'm literally shaking, trying to make the decision to walk inside and Sergei with his cool Russian voice ensures me it's cool. I finally walk in the front door and this charming young lady answered the door. Ray, or Rayland. She kindly showed me around, had security show me to my room, and let me settle in. I wasn't really sure how this worked so after getting cleaned up after travel I went back into the bar area to try and calm my nerves. Ray approached me and explained the situation but was super cool and told me to enjoy my drinks, and if I needed anything to just give her a shout. So sitting at the bar "Lady" approached me and just talked with me about 5 minutes. Her smile was so infectious and beautiful my hands were shaking! Her skin was as dark silk and smelled like a million bucks! She took my hand as if we was a couple and kindly walked me around and finally went to her room. I'm not an ugly guy, nor dirty, but was incredibly nervous. No rush, she talked with me a bit and made me feel at ease. We agreed to spend time together and she told me she had to check me out. She examined me and in extent, using alcohol and really looking around. Yes it was different but really made me feel good that she was protecting both of us in this manor. So.... she gets me a drink and has me jump in the shower and hangs out with me. She never rushed me and made me feel like a king! She's not all looks my friends. This woman is so intelligent, she could run a country! She was so gentle and caring. Her breasts and body was something you would expect to be photo-shopped but she was way more breathtaking in person. I stayed there a few nights in the Egyptian Suite. Way cheaper than you would expect, pool, hot-tup, and smoking in the room! Bar tenders were super cool and the drinks weren't really bad priced actually. So here's a really cool part. I decided to check out early and see Vegas for the first time with an old co-worker who actually lives here. They was so cool about it even tho I was leaving early. They never changed treating me with respect. As a hotel quest I could order food, and I'm telling you it by far exceeded my expectations. I had to add nothing to that steak. As a first timer in Nevada, I hope this gives you an idea what to expect here.

review by Bob Wilson on 9/6/2021 10:12:49 PM

Bob Wilson gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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