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I had a party with Z and Kayden to lose my v-card, and it was the first time they’d worked together, so there was a lot of joy going around.

Z is a lovely and sweet person from the first moment you meet her, but is always ready to switch into the bad ex-Catholic schoolgirl that wants to make you let loose. She’s also a fantastic teacher for the inexperienced and gave me great lessons on positions and technique, body language, and anatomy, and then let me apply them.

I feel incredibly confident thanks to her, and I’m going to practice the fingering exercise she taught me every day.

review by Levi on 9/29/2023 11:44:36 PM

Levi gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I arrived unsure of what to expect from Z. We had exchanged a few emails prior, mostly to set up the appointment and start the flow of communication. When I arrived she came out to meet me and the conversation became easier. I found her to be insightful and respectful of past experiences as well as an erudite and educated conversationalist. She was able to create a judgement free space for us in a manner that I found to be entirely refreshing on a deeper level as well as discover what I was looking for in the experience.

Our conversation led thru several items that let us connect in what seemed to me to be a more intimate level than I expected. Some of the items included our respective educations, taste in music, instruments that either of us had once played, and other happy subjects. Her willingness to share herself on a more personal level led to a connection that allowed our 'party' to be a more intimate and sensual experience beyond what I could have anticipated. I am.......stunned......at the whole experience with Z.

I cannot recommend Z highly enough for such an experience and am looking forward to my next visit!

review by D on 9/29/2023 10:23:38 PM

D gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Z is so beautiful and so friendly. Any nerves I had went away quickly after speaking with her for a few minutes. She made me feel very comfortable and didn’t feel like I was being judged. We had amazing vibes and was really easy to talk to. Afterwards we chilled and talked for a bit and she made sure I had a great experience. 10/10 would highly recommend Z for anyone interested in coming to Sheri’s Ranch.

review by Erik on 8/31/2023 9:25:50 AM

Erik gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Last week, I'd arrived at Sheri's and had met with Z pretty late into the night. Despite it being so late, Z was even warmer, kinder, and more amazing as the her reviews imply. She really took the time to speak with me and gain an understanding of what exactly I was looking for; and when I let her know it was my first visit, she really took the time to put any anxiety I had at ease immediately with her easy-going personality.

We had some really fun conversations about her playlist and the state of superhero movies, while she also gave me some really wordly, insightful advice on a few topics that weighed on my mind.

When it came to our extracurricular bed activities, Z blew me away! It was incredible and I owe it to her for calming my nerves beforehand and making sure I was 100% enjoying being in the moment.

I'd recommend booking time with Z to anyone, especially if you're a first timer looking for someone that will really make the effort to create a special time.

review by P on 7/13/2023 1:03:33 AM

P gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Was an amazing experience. Her personality was only out done by her beauty. Was easy to talk to and relax around.

review by Nathan on 7/8/2023 3:13:23 PM

Nathan gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Z is sweet, easy-going, and just an all-around good person who showed me an extraordinary time. I admit, I was nervous when I first asked to see her. I mean, wouldn’t you feel somewhat intimidated by a beautiful woman who speaks multiple languages, has lived in several countries, can play the piano, and used to be a dentist? ;) I sure was. But when we actually met and started talking, all that anxiety went away. I found out that the two of us actually had quite a lot in common, being the same age, going to high school in the same area, and both being theatre nerds. And, to my shock, when the two of us were sitting on a piano bench, Z actually started blushing, and said that she was somewhat intimidated by ME, since I’m the kind of guy she’s actually attracted to. I mean… what? Yes, I know everything at Sheri’s is a curated experience, but with Z, you never get the feeling that she’s putting on an act. She really does love her job, and is very selective with her clients. That made me feel happy in a way that I haven’t in many years. And as amazing as the sex was, my favorite part about our time together was cuddling on the couch afterward, eating granola bars, and talking. I’m quite a bit taller than her, so when we were snuggling, she sat on my lap, draped her arm around my neck and called me her “treehouse.” I haven’t had anyone give me that kind of cute nickname in many years, and it’s something I thought I’d never get again. So to have someone like Z give me that experience is something I’ll be forever grateful for. If you have the time and the means, do come out and see her. And if you do, treat her like the queen she is. She deserves only the best.

review by Peter on 5/27/2023 12:37:35 PM

Peter gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I originally did a party with another woman at Sheri’s but am glad that I stuck around after to talk to a few of the other of the women including Z. One of the reasons I knew about her was a few email conversations we had and she was always very timely and responsive. Regarding meeting her in person: Good vibes with Z right away especially when I found out we like the same music and she is originally from my area. I felt like I could openly express my fantasies with he without judgement and she asked clarifying questions. She was very flexible and accommodating for my wants and needs.

When I went to meet her I emailed and called to make a booking without issue. I asked Z on email if she would wear a particular outfit for me and she was happy to. Our time together was really hot and I know she enjoyed herself just as much as me (maybe even more). She is beautiful and talented enough to make an hour seem like a minute! Afterwards we talked a good deal about sex and relationships and she gave me some very helpful advice. She felt less like a brothel worker and more like a mix between a long lost friend and a sexual therapist. I learned so much from our session and really appreciate Zs effort to make the experience memorable. A+ highly would recommend!

review by Johnny on 5/15/2023 4:39:14 AM

Johnny gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Wow, Wow and Wow. My wife and I have just returned home one week after an amazing experience with Z at Sheri's Ranch and it has taken me this long to catch my breath again in order to write this review. In a word....breathless.

My wife and I have been married multiple decades and have enjoyed many adventures together along the way...careers, both together and apart, domestic and international travel, an active and adventuresome sexual life, sports and various entertainment activities. Recently, we each were intrigued by the idea of adding another adventuresome experience to our memory bank....a visit to Sheri's Ranch to experience a threesome together....another first for us.

We began to review the various profiles of the beautiful ladies on the Sheri's Ranch website and became mutually awed by the (yes again) breathless, natural and stunning beauty of Z. We were also quite intrigued and impressed by her profile description and background, as we both desired not only a great mutual sexual experience, but also ideally a very comfortable, sophisticated personal connection, and we both sensed that all those things appeared to be potentially perfect with Z.

So we decided to send her an email describing our desires, as well as our "rookie" status, and we became even more convinced, comfortable and impressed by her very thoughtful and personal reply. So we booked our visit, decided it best to stay overnight at Sheri's after a fairly lengthy journey and see if our instincts turned out to be on target.

We met Z shortly after our arrival. When she first approached us in the lounge, it literally took our breaths away (a common theme to this review!) as we couldn't believe that her stunning beauty in person was even more grand than her "movie star" photos on the website. And soon after meeting her in person, we absolutely knew that this was a match that seemed almost pre-ordained as everything we had imagined.

So our actual intimate and personal time with Z began the next day in one of the very cool bungalow suites and it was like walking into a dream that we hoped would never end. The beautiful and sensuous sexual and human connection between Z, my beautiful wife, and me was (and is) virtually indescribable other than to say that it surpassed any expectation and fantasy that either of us could have imagined....and we both were not at all inexperienced! And once again, we were left breathless by the encounter at every level...sexually, personally and intellectually. (By the way, as was indicated in Z's profile, she is a VERY intelligent, perceptive and amazing human being with a fascinating series of life experiences.)

Z was also so very gracious as to bid us farewell the next day and we both left with the sense that we had indeed been "Touched by an Angel" and that there was no doubt that we'd love to return in the future to become "breathless" with Z all over again!

review by Mr. & Mrs. Breathless on 3/26/2023 1:53:57 PM

Mr. & Mrs. Breathless gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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my wife and i took the nice drive from vegas to visit Z at sheris ranch. this lady is a professional from the beginning! she meets you in the bar almost before you walk in the door. she then takes you for a visit around the facilities. i think this to make you feel comfortable. this was the first time for my wife and i and Z REALLY put us at ease. then down to business. while everyone dreads this she made it as trouble free as possible. ok now down to business! we chose to party in one of the bungalows and they are beautiful. i have a performance issue and Z was wonderful with it. ill just say this. she was hot and wonderful. she excelled at helping my wife calm down and really have some fun. guys. ladies. if youre into threesomes and are novices like us. dont walk, run to sheris ranch and experience Z!

review by gerhart on 12/1/2022 3:16:10 PM

gerhart gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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The last few years have arguably been rough on everyone. I have my own story over the last five or six years, but the last year and a half has been on a nice upward trend. Just hit a milestone birthday too and wanted to have an encounter with someone to help knock down some walls I put up.

Something in Z's profile attracted my eye immediately. Her background and description of how she treats her work at the ranch spoke to me. I made a reservation and arrived at the ranch in early October. When she came around the corner to greet me, I was blown away by her beauty.

Z is one of the sweetest, kindest, and most caring individuals I have met. In the short time we had together getting to know me, she morphed into exactly who/what I needed while still being her genuine self. I greatly enjoyed her candor and advice, our conversations over lunch, and... wow, for taking my breath away ;)

I couldn't recommend her highly enough if you value both your time and intend on being sincere.

Thanks for the sweet dreams, Z.

-L. Pew

review by L. Pew on 10/14/2022 12:54:12 PM

L. Pew gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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For you fellow virgins out there Z is AMAZING. She is so easy to talk to and keeps is 100% real with you. The experience was amazing for my first time showing me what my strengths and weakness are in bed. The girlfriend experience I 100% recommend it. Pictures don't do justice she is more beautiful in person. The energy she gives off is incredible and the sex was amazing.

Thank you Z! Lots of love !

review by D on 9/4/2022 10:10:08 AM

D gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had never been to a brothel before, and while I had read a lot about what to expect, I was still pretty nervous. All that ended after meeting Z. She put me at ease, and during the negotiations process, was able to find a way to help me get the best possible experience.

We had our party in the Arabian Nights bungalow. First, Z gave an incredible massage, further putting me at ease. And the sex that followed was the most amazing, most mind-blowing experience of my life. Z loves her work, and believe me, it shows!

Afterwards, we enjoyed a snack and some drinks, and some wonderful conversation. Z is sweet, intelligent, and has great taste in music and in movies. It became totally comfortable, totally normal, and it was as if we had known each other for years.

If you decide to party with Z, let me tell you, you have made the right choice. I hope to make it back to the ranch, and back to Z, very soon!

review by First Timer 22 on 6/30/2022 2:29:05 PM

First Timer 22 gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Everything I needed, in more ways than I expected.
One of the worlds most perfect people.

review by mark on 6/19/2022 12:27:06 PM

mark gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Had an amazing time with Z today! Right away she was welcoming, kind, and she made me feel comfortable despite my nerves. We connected right away and she was able to help me explore and have a great experience. 10/10 times would see her again!

review by Mark on 6/16/2022 4:48:10 PM

Mark gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had the most amazing time this week with Z!! This was truly a LIFE HIGHLIGHT and my life has been filled with amazing experiences.
Quite frankly she is my dream girl in every way.

My experience at Sheri's Ranch was wonderful from the very first moment I walked in. I had never been to a brothel before so was a little nervous but knew basically what to expect as far as the process from researching online.
The hostess and bartender made me feel welcome and relaxed. Super friendly!
The ladies began approaching me as I sat at the bar introducing themselves and making conversation and each asking if I would like to tour and go talk about a party with them. They are all beautiful and charming in different ways.
I did remember Z from the website and asked if I could meet her.

I waited a few minutes and when she came in and smiled at me, there was no question I wanted to be with her. She is even more beautiful in person than the photographs! Her energy is very clear and sincere.

She showed me around and then went to her room to "negotiate". This was the part I was a little trepidatious about but Z was so sweet in coming up with a plan that worked for both of us and I was so happy that we did.

Z never made me feel rushed at any point and the whole experience was so amazingly sensual, erotic, romantic and deep. Z is a true, highly skilled and beautiful Courtesan!

The sex, of course, was out of this world. Multiple orgasms tend to make it great!

What was equally great was the connection she allowed us to have before and after. I feel that I have a new and treasured friend who will be a lover as often as I can get back there.

If you want the real thing in a GFE, Z will be the one. Be prepared to have your heart opened and your body satisfied.

I cant wait to see her again!

Lots of love Z!!

review by Richard on 5/27/2022 3:36:51 PM

Richard gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had the pleasure of spending time with an amazing woman Z. besides being beautiful, she is smart, and you find you have a hard time taking your eyes off of her. I look forward to spending time with her again in the future

review by Ol'Dawg on 5/21/2022 8:19:48 PM

Ol'Dawg gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Z was amazing. she made me feel comfortable, as a person who is very shy and new to this she was great in helping in many ways. I had done a gfe with her and it was wonderful time.

review by cloud on 5/21/2022 3:02:43 AM

cloud gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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This review is very, very long overdue! My fiancé and I are both in our early-mid 20s and have talked about having a 3 some a few times. I am bisexual and prefer women but always was worried that I would get jealous bringing another woman in the bedroom!! I didn’t wanna create any problems in our relationship. At this point we had been together for 3 years, so I didn’t want to risk anything… But the thought of me pleasing a beautiful woman while my fiancé takes me always lingered in my mind…

I am a sex worker myself, so I thought, hey might as well go to a professional! I have always been interested in visiting a legal brothel, as we do not have any legal brothels in California. We planned a trip to Vegas and decided we would stop by a few on the way to Vegas. We decided that we were going to visit to see what they were like, and if we met a girl we liked we would go for it. And if not, that wasn’t a problem! We were just going with the flow, didn’t really have any plans in mind.

We got there very early, around 7-8 AM I believe. We got to the bar and the attendant told us that most of the girls were asleep or just waking up, so as soon as they were ready they would come out and talk to us. Z was the first girl who came out and was just amazing! So personable and easy to talk to, she made me feel very comfortable. I explained to her that I was a SWer as well and I feel like we really bonded off of that. She told me my comfortability was her priority in the 3sum which I really appreciated. We talked for a bit and had a nice conversation but after all, she was the first girl out. I wanted to see other girls too and get to talk to them.

We decided to get a room and neither of us could really shake Z off our mind. We just decided to go for it! I am so glad we did, we had such a great time. It felt like we were all just friends having fun together. She focused on me at the beginning but I just had the urge to see her and my fiancé go at it and I absolutely loved it! We both had so much fun and I really hope Z did too. We really enjoyed our time with her and hope to see her again. She is such an amazing and down to earth woman, I really appreciated her time and her patience with us. She didn’t make us feel pressured at all. I hope you’re doing well if you see this Z!

review by Sarah on 3/26/2022 4:36:44 PM

Sarah gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Very awesome experience. Super kind and friendly. I came in as a shy guy, not sure what I am doing, but Z is very patient, listens to your needs and go above and beyond to make you happy. Overall great experience.

review by Nick on 3/23/2022 9:14:48 AM

Nick gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Was with z again , and we have become regulars after multiple visits .
I live in Vegas, and Florida, so it’s convenient to see her fairly often.
Ibviouls, I wouldn’t be such a repeat client if I didn’t enjoy extremely her beauty and personality . And intelligence. I recommend that u let her take the lead in deciding on the activities that I guarantee u will enjoy !
Also, she has an interesting life history and experience including her family fleeing SE Asia, her fancy boarding school in Virginia just outside of Washington DC, and her own military-related experiences. I could spend all night just conversing with her. But I definitely would want the sex component as well. She’s superb. Has recently acquired new implants and these are spectacular!
I’ve been a Sheri’s client since 2019, and no one is better !

review by Patrick on 3/23/2022 6:35:52 AM

Patrick gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had the pleasure of spending time with Z, one of the most sexy exotic women I’ve ever had the chance of meeting. She has the perfectly toned figure, tantalizing eyes, and the most amazing vibes. She will definitely leave you satisfied, and only wanting more. She is quite talented at her craft, often making eyes roll around to the back of my head, truly mind blowing! Z was so easy to open up too, and made me feel comfortable even though I was a bit nervous going in. Z spends quality time with you, never once did I feel rushed. Talk about a once in a lifetime experience, I can’t wait to see her again. I would highly recommend spending some quality time with her to anyone!

review by Chris on 3/22/2022 7:05:34 PM

Chris gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I'm more of a fan of telling stories than writing reviews but I think this little excerpt from my life will give you a hint as to how amazing Z really is:

This was my first time brothel experience and it's fair to say I was a bit nervous going into it. I sat at the bar nursing a beer as girls came up and talked to me. They were all quite friendly and attractive but they didn't really spark my interest. I figured if I was going to have a brothel experience it was going to be with somebody I found irresistible.
I sat there considering whether or not I was even going to go through with it when a total smoke show walked into the bar with gorgeous dark hair and a silky white robe, she went up to a couple other girls and started talking to them. It was damn near impossible to keep my eyes off her, which I'm 90% sure she noticed. My brain started going into overdrive asking myself "How in the fuck do I get this girl to come over here?" before the words of my limo driver rang out in my head (shoutout to Gil by the way, his advice came through more than once that night.) Gil had told me that if I saw a girl I wanted to talk to that I should just ask. I know it sound's like simple advice but I was pretty damn nervous after she caught me staring, ok.
Thankfully a girl with similar vibes to one of my friends back home came up and started talking to me. Due to the similar vibes I was willing to ask her for help. I asked her if I could talk to that girl across the bar, and she went off to ask her. She went off, exchanged words with the goddess I had seen, and lo and behold the goddess started walking my direction. I looked away like a sheepish schoolboy pretending I hadn't seen her while my heart pounded like the bass drum in an Iron Maiden song.
She came up and introduced herself as Z. I told her my name and she offered me a tour, to which I said yes. As we were leaving the bar she told me she liked my shirt, which was an Iron Maiden shirt, and I was immediately hooked. I didn't think a girl of this caliber could be into a teenage dirtbag (I'm actually 20 something but, that's not the name of the song). Within ten minutes of the tour most of my nerves were gone and I was able to talk to her how I would most people. Z's words had a way of making me feel special that I will never forget. After the tour we went to her room, negotiated an agreeable price, and then it was on.
Let me tell you, when I say this girl knew what she was doing, I mean she FUCKING KNEW what she was doing. Even before my boxers came off her hands had electric shivers running though my body. As for after the boxers came off? I'll just say that it was hands down the best sex I've had in my entire life. When I finished and cleaned up we sat on the couch and talked for a minute. As it turns out she was the coolest and sweetest girl I'd ever met as well. I was mildly disappointed when our time together was over.
I had come to Vegas that week to have an unforgettable spring break, and after my time with Z I can say with total certainty that the mission was more than accomplished. I hope to see her again and spend more time with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who visits Sheri's Ranch.

review by Jonny on 3/22/2022 3:20:19 PM

Jonny gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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My wife and I are first timers. We've been together for a very long time, and we wanted to try something new and exciting. We were both very excited, but personally, I was a little nervous about this upcoming experience.

But when we met "Z", all my worries melted away. "Z" was the perfect match for both of us. Not only is she extremely attractive, but she is very intelligent and incredibly easy to talk to. I felt like we all bonded and gel'd quite quickly. She helped to put my worries to bed, and gave both me and my wife an experience we will never soon forget. The party we had was fabulous! We were laughing, talking, and having a wonderful time. I wish we booked more time with her! "Z" was very good at focusing on one of us at a time, which helped to make us feel wanted and special.

Thank you very much, "Z". You were a blast to hang out with. You've opened our eyes to this very exciting and thrilling world. This is definitely something we will both want to try again in the future!

review by P & L on 3/18/2022 1:03:23 AM

P & L gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Z was amazing for our first threesome. She was kind, personable, and patient. We absolutely had the best time. She guided us but also listened to us and what we wanted/expected from our visit. Would definitely recommend her to others!

review by D and H on 3/16/2022 4:27:18 PM

D and H gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting Z and I have to say every moment with her was experience from start to finish. From her wonderful laugh to the just the feel of her touch every single moment with Z is something that will be etched into your memory. I can not honestly wait to see her again.

review by Kay on 3/3/2022 7:02:04 AM

Kay gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Z was amazing, I enjoyed every minute of my time with her. Even the small talk before we got started. She’s every bit as beautiful as her pictures. I would highly recommend her and Sheri’s resort. I’m looking forward to seeing her again.

review by Jeff on 2/28/2022 4:02:57 PM

Jeff gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Z was so amazing and caring. She is so beautiful in every way! Meeting her was the highlight of my year so far. She was patient and caring and so easy to talk to. She instantly took away any nervousness or anxiety about the venture. I could have sat and talked to her for many more hours. I really appreciate her taking the time to meet with me and learn from her. Looking forward to to our next meeting. Thank you Z for being such a amazing beautiful wonderful women. I’m sending you a big bear hug! Until next time! Jer

review by Jeremy on 2/28/2022 1:54:11 PM

Jeremy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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It was my first time ever being at a brothel so it's safe to say I was a little nervous about the whole experience. I didn't know what to expect. But Z made me feel totally comfortable and went through all the things involved. This was my first time having sex and Z went through all the steps and showed me how it’s done right from the beginning till the end. Z did a great job of making the entire experience feel very natural from beginning to end. Everything from the atmosphere of the rooms, the music and the quality of service was outstanding. We had a great time together, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone curious about the Virgin experience with her.

review by Max on 1/3/2022 11:48:21 PM

Max gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Best party EVER. This was my 7th time to a brothel and the 4th time to Sheri's. This by far was the best party. Hands down. Z was awesome. For being a petite woman she liked the sex a little rough. Which I was very surprised and pleased with. There were multiple orgasims by both of us during the hour spent with her. Trust me. You need to party with Z. I will be back.

review by MJB on 12/28/2021 9:37:07 PM

MJB gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had the immense pleasure of being fortunate enough to spend some time with Z during my first visit to Sheri's Ranch. I'm very inexperienced in these matters for my age (34) having only had 1 other brief intimate encounter about 7 years ago prior to this trip. I started researching and considering visiting a legal Nevada establishment almost 2 years ago as a safe way to expand my horizons and gain some more experience. I also felt like I was wasting my youth not experiencing one of the great pleasures in life.

I was hoping to spend some time with a courtesan that was patient and understanding of my situation and inexperience, and could guide me through the experience and help calm my nerves and first-time jitters. Z stood out to me after reading her profile and the other reviews as someone who is very well-suited to fulfill this wish. I was very excited to discover that she was available during my visit and the hostess graciously arranged for us to meet at the bar so I could chat with her for a bit.

Z's alluring beauty is stunning. When she approached, I instantly felt her feminine grace and energy, and her intellect was apparent right away too as we started talking. Not only is she a million times more beautiful than what any photo could do justice, but she has a kind and caring personality to match. She's the sort of woman that haunts your sexiest dreams... gorgeous facial features, a killer body, awesome perky breasts, eyes that suck you into a gaze you can just drown in, and a wit to match. She's also a polyglot, highly educated, well-traveled and an excellent conversationalist. All of this combined made our time together an epic experience, especially for someone like me who hasn't had any luck jumping in the sack in over 7 years. I found it very easy to connect on an intellectual level with her which made the experience just that much more intense.

The time we spent in the Roman Bungalow will forever be one of my top memories. Definitely the stuff of fantasies. Z was everything I could have hoped for and more as she expertly catered to my needs and made the stress and nerves melt away with her awesome personality. My time with Z was incredibly sensual and terrifically hot, but also educational. This was more than just a 'romp in the hay'. She patiently took the time to make sure I experienced things I never had before, and offered plenty of advice and tips along the way in a fun and super sexy manner. She made sure that not only did I have a phenomenal experience, but that I also gained useful confidence-boosting knowledge and advice which was absolutely something I needed. It was certainly therapy for the body, as well as the ego and soul.

I really can't rave enough about how fantastic my time with Z was. She is incredible in bed, and an incredible person. Kind, sweet, caring, and intensely passionate. Did I mention her body is absolutely perfect as well? Firm, toned, exquisite proportions - so, so, so hot! Spending time with her was the therapy I needed so badly. The 7 year dry spell had really put my ego through the shredder, but I left the bungalow with Z feeling like I was ready to conquer the world after experiencing her divine hospitality.

I've been on a natural high for a few days now after my mind-blowing encounter with Z. It must be all the oxytocin still coursing through my system from Z's soft-skin touch.

I would highly recommend a party with Z to anyone who is a bit inexperienced, or nervous about visiting Sheri's Ranch. She will make all of that melt away in an instant.

It's a shame there's only 5 stars to give because Z deserves so many more! I'm so grateful this raven-hair goddess graces the earth, and I hope I get the chance to return and visit her again.

review by RD on 12/28/2021 4:06:13 PM

RD gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Well well, what a memory to have and that I hope to recreate again sometime very very soon!!

So all alone on Christmas, I up and decide to take a trip out to Pahrump, NV to go take a free tour of the famous Sheri’s Ranch Resort and Spa just for a different experience while visiting Las Vegas. What an AMAZING decision to do so. My plan was some food and a beer at the bar, but I was most certainly intrigued by the brothel. I had been browsing the lineup of ladies currently staying at the Spa and they are all some of the most BEAUTIFUL women you can see together in one place. I kept on coming back and coming back to the MOST BEAUTIFUL in the lineup, Z!!!! Just WOW on every single level you can think of!!

So I ring the doorbell, Ms. Jackie (apologies if spelling is wrong) greets me at the front and welcomes me in and asks if I have an appt. No I don’t, I mentioned Z’s name, and lo and behold in a short little time, the BEAUTIFUL Z is there to show me around the place. She showed me the Sex Menu and the pool and waterfall and a little bit of the grounds, the new Nuru massage room was being used, ugh, (that’s what I was really interested in), but then I saw a bondage room and voyeur room and we make our way back to her room and this is where you talk about their sex menu and what you’re into and what you would like to do.

I may add, I’m a fairly young man and this was all new to me and definitely a bit nervous as to what to expect having it being my first time ever seeing a Brothel other than the ones that are now used as hotels back in the old mining towns of Colorado. But nothing to be nervous about at all, she soon had me at ease and relaxing and in for a time of my life!

I can go on and on about MY EXPERIENCE with Z, (which is one I’ll never forget, and looking forward to seeing her again!!), but why do you want to hear that, BOOK HER AND GO HAVE YOUR OWN AMAZING EXPERIENCE WITH HER! HOTT DAMN WOMAN!!! See you again soon Z, hopefully much sooner than later!!! (Trying to cut this review short, but Z took care of me today and it was so very much needed in my life, what an AMAZING LADY! My hats off to you ma’am, and clothes… ??)

review by Sam on 12/25/2021 8:36:11 PM

Sam gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Usually if you put the letter z in sequence like zzzzzz it means sleep.
When you sleep you’re at the highest state of relaxation.
For whatever reason her name is Z it works either way.
Her gentle voice, Her beautiful eyes, Her soulful connection,
Her awesome laugh, and much more brought me to a state of relaxation
I have not experienced in a long time and something I desperately needed.
I will always be grateful for the time I spent with Z. Thank you for the Zen.

review by Mark on 12/25/2021 10:34:47 AM

Mark gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Trust. Comfort. Complete Satisfaction. These are the words I would use to describe my experience with Z and the other girls at Sheri's Ranch.

Having never been to a brothel before, I wasn't sure what to expect when I visited Sheri's Ranch. However, from the moment I stepped through the doors, the hostess, bartender, and other girls made me feel at ease. I was able to enjoy a few drinks from the bar as the girls came up to me to introduce themselves. They allowed me my space, and none of them were overbearing or pushy at all. I was even allowed the option to request more time to talk with a girl if desired.

After taking a tour from one of the girls, the hostess not only accommodated me by allowing me to take as much time as I needed before making a selection, she also offered me more opportunities to speak to more girls. It was at this time I remembered my encounter with Z , and I made sure to request her from the hostess.

Z was completely understanding as I explained to her my budget, interests, and any concerns I had during negotiations, and we were able to agree on an experience we believed I would enjoy. Luckily for me, it was her specialty, the girlfriend experience.

Z never rushed me, allowing me to become completely comfortable before beginning the experience. We did a little bit of foreplay and tried a few different positions. She was very easy to communicate with, and there were a few moments where I thought maybe she could even read my mind. We were even able to have a relaxing and genuine conversation after we finished.

Although I was slightly nervous and unsure what to expect, I'm grateful to have had this experience with Z. She has an incredibly sweet and warm personality. And I greatly enjoyed the conversation we had with each other. If you're like me and might have any concerns about coming to a brothel, you can't go wrong with this one. As long as you have the right attitude, energy, and expectations, I'm sure Z will do her utmost to leave you more than satisfied.

review by Adorable Cloud on 12/25/2021 2:56:48 AM

Adorable Cloud gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Fantastic experience with Z! She made sure that my time at the ranch was the best it could be and works tirelessly to be sure that my desires were fulfilled. Her touch was simply magical and she just knows where to touch you to make you feel great!

She has an amazing body that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

On top of that she is a great listener and takes interest in me as a person, giving the experience a more personal touch.

I will certainly be looking forward to another visit with Z in the future!

review by Mike on 12/24/2021 2:00:53 PM

Mike gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Genuine women with worthfull of every minute just great experience with her

review by John on 11/29/2021 2:27:14 AM

John gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Loved every moment. From start to finish I enjoyed the physical and non-physical. Very genuine, kind person that’s bubbly one minute,, then steaming it to the next.

review by Pølar on 11/27/2021 12:16:35 AM

Pølar gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Spent time with Z and had a wonderful experience both sexual and non. I highly recommend choosing Z when you visit the ranch.

review by Lobsterneedsgarlic on 11/20/2021 10:43:25 AM

Lobsterneedsgarlic gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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What can I say but wow. She is absolutely amazing. Being a first time visitor she immediately made me feel right at home and explained the process and answered all of my dumb questions with the utmost respect and patience. After our chat we retreated to a bungalow where I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with a woman as beautiful and kind as Z . This will definitely be a forever memory, and honestly I feel so relaxed and de-stressed that if I didn’t have work I’d have spent the whole night tangled up with one of the most open and gorgeous woman I’ve ever met.

With more on the way 10000%

Thank you Z

review by Country Boy on 8/23/2021 5:46:13 AM

Country Boy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Was my first experience and Z was very thoughtful and caring and understanding of my situation, she was very gentle and took her time because it was a long time since I was with a woman.
She is a very beautiful woman and understanding I will definitely see her again soon, I felt very comfortable with her because she is very easy to talk to. Had a great time with her.

review by Larry on 8/3/2021 5:46:58 PM

Larry gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Stunning, beautiful, sexy, and utterly a blast to party with! There aren't enough adjectives to do justice to what my time with Z was like. I absolutely loved partying with Z...so much so I came back just two days later to party again. She was the perfect match for me and my interests and we just seemed to click right off the bat. She has a fantastic personality, a wide range of interests that made our conversations so fun and engaging, and such a great level of sexual experience that I was constantly wondering how I got so lucky for my first time.

She was so caring and interested in making sure I had the time of my life that I felt immediately at ease. She was very enthusiastic and made sure I had the time of my life (twice!) and I tried my best to please her in the same ways. I can't explain how wonderful my time with Z was and I can only hope to have a chance to party with her again in the future.

If you have a chance and want to have the absolute time of your life, Z is NOT to be passed up!

review by Michael on 7/29/2021 8:18:31 PM

Michael gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Our couples day started out interesting. We arrived to the ranch with little expectations; my fiancé wanted to try more girl on girl experiences and i was just keen on watching and enjoying the show. We sat down with Z and she gave us a great tour and told us all about the services she provides as well as the amenities at the ranch. We took the rest of the day to decide on which courtesan we liked, Z being the one. By the time we drank till our hearts content, we headed back to see Z and finalize the negotiations.

Now, the fun began. Z took us to one of the cabanas and immediately started taking care of my fiancé. She massaged her for about 20m without my help, then as things began to move forward Z asked my fiancé if she’d like me to watch. Z is keen on making sure the female partner is comfortable as that makes all the difference. I of course began to watch and as things escalated even more I was brought onto the bed where my fiancé had me start to play with her while Z did her due diligence. Long story short, we ended up having an amazing threesome with Z, and it was our first ever! Z is great at making everyone feel welcomed and a part of the festivities. Highly recommend if you’re a couple, or even alone. It was an amazing bonding experience for us, we may even cum again… pun intended.

review by Sarah & Brandon on 7/29/2021 9:41:23 AM

Sarah & Brandon gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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FIREWORKS??!!! I waited two years to BE with Z. Finally on the 4th of July she became my Yankee Doodle Girl ! She had all the fireworks ?? ready and was very handy with my dandy!! Her fireworks show was just what I needed! It had been well over two years since I had any type of intimacy and I had to give myself permission to BE with the one I desired most but I did it. Z was definitely the one for me. She was able to meet me where I was at, and that made ALL the difference. She earned my trust. I find her previous reviews accurate as well. Her beauty is well beyond the eyes and when she put her arm in mine walking down Sheri’s hallway ......I felt like the proudest guy on the planet for that special moment.

My desire was always there from her pictures and BIO (my total numero uno)but I still had to give myself permission to BE with her- not sure that makes sense to all but that was my experience. You see, I had never been with someone that was my number one, or the one I would totally go for in my younger days. But those walls came down finally at age 60 something- when I finally gave myself permission to BE with the one I wanted most- the fireworks ??went boom boom boom from there!! And I was relieved to know I was in fine working order ! She has many wonderful skills, but I would be remiss for not recognizing her number one skill which in this man’s opinion is her ability to connect, and that sportsman's is what makes her extremely special beyond that sculpted body, beyond the attention, beyond the looks that really made it happen for me. Upon meeting Z I had plans for what I thought I wanted, but in the moment I just wanted to BE with her, and did not care what it looked like. I just surrendered to her, and let her lead. I think she knew what I needed more than I did anyway. I deeply appreciated her ability to figure me out, and know what I really needed and desired ....such a naughty nurse ! I am hitting that nurse call button again and again ??I simply adore Z. She connected with me long before meeting me, she had my back, and fulfilled my desires, and oh boy the fireworks show was a grand finale! The result is now I am hungry for more, YES I said more please !! As soon as cloning is an option I am asking for her DNA !! I adore her and I am grateful to the universe for her creation ??! #Wowzers !!!!#QueenStatus!!!#Fireworks#ForthofJuly #HandyWithDaDandy#NumeroUno!!!#YankeeDoodleGirl

review by Yankee Doodle on 7/20/2021 11:47:46 AM

Yankee Doodle gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Z is the full package! She has a presence in person that is so much hotter than any picture could capture. She has a great, fit little body. She is insatiable and amazing in bed. She's also very smart and knowledgeable about enough subjects to carry on a great conversation. That might sound intimidating but as many others have mentioned, if you are inexperienced Z is your girl. I'd been out of the game for a while and was nervous but her relaxed and patient attitude immediately put me at ease. An unforgettable experience!

review by Hunter on 3/14/2020 6:01:33 PM

Hunter gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I recently had a party with Z. All I can say is wow! She was incredible! As an inexperienced lover, I can say that she was unbelievable. She was genuine, caring, and was able to completely put me at ease. I can't say enough good things about my experience. I hope to see you again soon! Xoxo

review by Tim on 3/10/2020 7:40:19 PM

Tim gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I was very nervous as it was my first time in a brothel. I talked to a couple of the women, but there was no connection until I met Z. She was very sweet and a great listener. She made me feel like the only person in the world and never once acted inconvenienced or annoyed. If I wasn't so tired after our party, I would have stayed the entire night. She is worth every second and I'd gladly come back to see her again!

review by Caleb on 3/3/2020 10:59:58 PM

Caleb gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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I had a pretty stressful and long month at work and decided to message Z to see if she wanted to meet. When I saw her I immediately knew I made the right decision. What an absolute angel. Z was a delight to be around and gave me the exact experience I pictured in my head. Our time together was mesmerizing, she gave me a confidence I never knew I had. If you want a great encounter at Sheri's Ranch, Z will give it to you.

review by M on 2/29/2020 4:52:04 PM

M gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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This was my first time at Sheri's and I could not have hoped/asked for a better experience than I had with Z. She is sensual, kind, stunningly beautiful, understanding, gentle but strong, and very passionate. I appreciated her subtle instruction, her bold movements, her depth of knowledge, her generosity and desire to share pleasure! I am very much looking forward to seeing her again, as soon as I can!

review by Gary on 2/2/2020 2:17:27 PM

Gary gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Z gave me the nuru experience that I've fantasized about for years. She was so sexy and so generous.

review by Brett on 2/1/2020 1:32:44 AM

Brett gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Z is amazing, she is smart, sophisticated, and extremely beautiful. I had never been sexually intimate with anyone before and was nervous for my first time. However, Z may it much easier and arguably one of the best nights of my life. We listened to French music and talked to make me feel better and when it came time to start, she taught me how to be a better lover. One reason I had waited to become sexually active for so long was because I wanted to make an emotional connection and Z outperformed anything I could have hoped for. If you are nervous because you’ve been out of the game for a while or want a connection, you cannot go wrong with Z.

review by Jeff on 1/27/2020 6:26:20 PM

Jeff gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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Z is absolutely amazing! Not only is she incredibly gorgeous, she is a super sweet and interesting person. She will make you feel spectacular both physically and emotionally. A party with her and Max Dream was the highlight of my trip to Sheri’s. I highly recommend spending some time with Z!

review by Joe on 12/31/2019 2:32:10 PM

Joe gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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