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I had an absolutely unforgettable experience with this hot Latina woman she definitely lives up to her name and reviews. Worth every minute of your time

review by Ramsy on 9/16/2023 7:25:23 PM

Ramsy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Hot young and fun. Definitely worth a second visit.

review by Finsin on 6/19/2023 8:33:16 PM

Finsin gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

A wonderful girl who loves having a good time I hope to see her again.

review by Anon on 5/25/2023 2:29:45 PM

Anon gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Saw Amelia very sweet and gorgeous girl (the reviews don't lie) Next time I'll bring more money to enjoy her company longer.

review by Benafsh on 5/21/2023 12:32:19 PM

Benafsh gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Walking into Sheri's I was really looking forward to a nice party with Amilia. When I walked out I had a nice smile on my face. Beside being beautiful, she was really down to earth and very easy to talk to. If you are thinking about spending some quality time with her, just do it. Run don't walk, make a reservation to book some time with her. She is in high demand. Bring your A Game, and make sure you drink plenty of water so you won't get to overheated!!! You will definitely remember the experience!!!!

review by In N Out Man on 4/19/2023 9:32:04 AM

In N Out Man gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Arranged an appointment for their limo service and Saw Amilia, she was such an amazing experience she's so beautiful inside and out, her pictures don't do her any justice, her personality is so calm and easy going. It will be an experience I'll forever remember until next time.

review by LeRick on 4/10/2023 9:09:16 PM

LeRick gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

I came to Sherris to visit another woman which did not work out. Lucky for me, Amilia was available and pleasantly surprised me by suggesting we invite another woman to our party. I had never been with two women before, so needless to say I jumped at the chance. The lovely Athena joined us and dear God I was not disappointed.

I had a particular scenario in mind and Amilia was more than accommodating. She was extremely courteous and made sure I was at ease since I was a bit nervous going in. Her body is amazing and I enjoyed exploring every curve. Her oral skills are absolutely amazing and the sex was mind blowing! She took extremely good care of me and made sure my fantasy was fulfilled completely.

Do yourself a solid and book Amilia. She will not disappoint and you will head back home with a huge smile on your face like I did. I can't wait to come back and enjoy her company again!

review by Happy guy on 3/19/2023 10:38:44 AM

Happy guy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

I've had this woman on my mind since Monday. Pictures don't do her justice. A perfect 10. One of the most beautiful women I've ever been with. I'll be back for more.

review by Sonny on 3/16/2023 6:48:00 AM

Sonny gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

I was with Amilia again. She rocked my world with her hourglass figure and sexual skills. Definitely a must see LADY at The Ranch!!!!

review by david on 1/14/2023 12:55:10 PM

david gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

She does not dissapoint! She approached me at the bar and gave a quick but calming conversation. When it came to our time together she was experienced, passionate, and extraordinarily attractive. I didnt leave wishing I had a different experience, she was the exact experience that I was hoping for.

review by First time with her on 12/23/2022 2:16:21 PM

First time with her gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

She was amazing, it’s my first time visiting, she made everything easy. She answered all my questions, offered me many different options and worked with my budget. I’ll definitely visit her again

review by Ryan on 12/22/2022 9:16:38 PM

Ryan gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Had the pleasure to finally indulge in some fun fantasies with this sexy little thing. She is perfect from head to toe this reviews did not lie. Thank you Amilia I look forward to our next visits :)

review by DiJay on 12/16/2022 12:21:23 PM

DiJay gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

If you get the chance to be with Amilia , you will not regret it ,there is not enough words to say how much fun she is and how good at what she does,I have been with her 2 times and will do more as I can. you can read all the revews , non of them will do her justice !

review by Douglas Firestone on 11/20/2022 11:09:30 AM

Douglas Firestone gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

2nd beautiful experience with Amilia. Gorgeous girl, impeccable body and an amazing time! It's as if every experience with her just gets better and better...

review by Jindo on 11/18/2022 8:20:37 AM

Jindo gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Amelia what an absolute pleasure it was to spend some fun time with you. Definitely more fun and sexy than expected. I cannot wait to see you again next month!

review by D on 10/24/2022 11:04:55 AM

D gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Had a great time definitely coming back she very respectful and takes care of you very well

review by Jose on 10/21/2022 7:08:44 PM

Jose gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Amilia’s description of herself is definitely accurate, for example, “aggressive in bed, loves to laugh, bubbly, exotic blend of Hispanic and Middle Eastern.” I would add “erotic” to that.
When not at the Ranch, I understand that she’s a makeup/beauty expert, and it shows. To me, she looks like a movie star. Not only her face, but also she has a great butt, boobs, and luscious lips. She’s also intelligent, mature, and a great lover.
I live 50 miles away in Vegas, and visit Sheri’s about once a month. I have been going since 2019, and have partied with well over a dozen ladies. In my experience, only about 1 or 2 are at or near her level, and no one is any better !
I definitely hope she’ll have me as one of her “regulars”

review by Patrick on 10/1/2022 8:09:53 AM

Patrick gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

The night of 9/23

I Wiil never forget the night of the 23rd, it was a beautiful and unforgettable night I got to spend with Amilia. Beautiful girl inside and out, sexy, smart, friendly, easy to talk to, beautiful smile on her face. Anybody who is lucky to spend time with this beautiful woman, treat her with respect and you will have the best time of your life. If you wonder how I got to this point, well here it is; my wife and I were looking for something new and exciting, we started looking and ended up choosing Amilia. Both my wife and I absolutely loved her the minute we saw her in person. She chatted with my wife for a bit before we headed out (my wife did not attend the party, only me) and she just made the whole situation so comfortable and got rid of any awkwardness whatsoever. When I finally saw her, we talked for a bit, had a nice drink, got to briefly know each other. She asked what I was looking for, I explained and she knew exactly what I was looking for. She is AMAZING. I had the most unforgettable night. I am sure I will be back to see her again. Until next time! R.G.

review by R.G. on 9/28/2022 9:15:00 PM

R.G. gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

one word: irresistible! We had a great time in the nuru massage room. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

review by rogerdoger on 9/27/2022 11:02:33 AM

rogerdoger gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Amilia is a unique experience unto herself. Her spirit is both exciting
and yet comforting, Her body, perfection itself. The pictures on this site don't do her
justice. She gave me a nuru massage, and through it I felt her transformative capacity to heal a man's body and soul.

review by "Papi" on 9/27/2022 9:51:47 AM

"Papi" gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Amilia! WOW!~ drop dead gorgeou. Had the pleasure to enjoy her company in the bungalow. I could not have imagined a better time she was everything -and then some. By all means she is a pleaser and loves what she does. If you have not seen her, I suggest you should do so before she leaves. I'll definitely be seeing her again!

review by Jindo on 8/18/2022 9:01:30 PM

Jindo gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

drop dead gorgeous, very sexy, and absolutely oozes an extremely sexy vibe. She may take you by surprise by how open she is about topics that are usually off limits she also has a great sense of humor. May even show you a few things or bring a fantasy or two to life. It’s impossible not to have an amazing time in her company because she can make your dreams come true.

review by Doe on 8/13/2022 10:32:57 PM

Doe gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Amelia is the most provocative blonde who loves to be the center of attention and the perfect body that commands it too. She delivers the finer things in life for you in her soft silky skin, and sexy slim figure with a great set of busts. She is also confident, which adds to her sex appeal. I had an unforgettable experience... cant wait to have her again!

review by BENAFSH on 7/25/2022 12:51:43 AM

BENAFSH gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

What an amazing and also hard working woman, thats all I need to say.

review by Ali on 7/8/2022 6:17:04 PM

Ali gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

I had a very pleasant meeting with a beautiful woman Amilia. She is beautiful and smart. We talked, and you can't help but feel comfortable with her, I enjoyed her company and her ability to get me at ease, which made our time together fun with pleasure combined

review by Ol'Dawg on 6/11/2022 8:14:07 PM

Ol'Dawg gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

A beautiful, fun and kind lady with mesmerizing curves and a golden touch, Amilia is a fantasy come to life: impossible to resist.

review by Arckyl on 12/24/2021 6:39:42 PM

Arckyl gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Amilia is so fun to be with! This beautiful girl is like a DELICIOUS sweet dessert, you want to enjoy it everytime and still crave for more. She gets even better as she learns what you like ...

Thanks for the time darling , Merry Christmas. I’ll be seeing you soon again….. !

review by Girardi on 12/21/2021 9:51:52 AM

Girardi gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

My time with Amilia was nothing short of amazing. She's very kind, easy to talk to and (needless to say) gorgeous!

Above all, make sure to treat her with absolute respect. That's exactly how she'll treat you regardless of your experience level. Being with someone that beautiful both personality wise as well as physically is an experience no words of mine could do any justice. You'll have to find out for yourself..... :)

review by Nathaniel on 8/23/2021 11:08:53 AM

Nathaniel gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

I spent a great night with Amilia and Charina Lee. Both are wild and beautiful women!

review by Loren Tonn on 8/19/2021 11:51:02 PM

Loren Tonn gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Amelia is incredible! It’s easy to see how she is so kind, empathetic, compassionate, worldly, and brilliant. She values human connection and sees the gem inside every human. Her capability to do that makes her so unique and special, layer that on with her life experiences makes her an eminent being; like no one I’ve ever met.

Her understanding of human nature made me feel so at ease, safe, cared for, and valued all at once in that moment in time. I felt a real connection with her with every interaction there was joy, humor, and loveliness. The time passed by so quickly, but also so slowly at the same time. I highly recommend Amelia for her beauty in every way: emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically She has all the characteristics, and is beyond imagination.

With care and respect,

review by Wes on 7/27/2021 6:48:05 PM

Wes gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

In a word, Amilia is incomparable. She is peerless in every conceivable way. While her pictures were terrific, Amilia is absolutely stunning in person and her beautiful features are both on the outside and inside. She is a beautiful human being and the sweetest woman I’ve ever met. My email correspondence with Amilia was beyond sweet, timely, and professional. She was so playful and adorable asking me if I was going to come see her and make an appointment. Amilia was not pushy in the least bit and was beyond fair in the “party setup” phase. She was able to accommodate me totally and she never once made me feel uncomfortable. She even spoiled me with a cocktail too before we were together. Everything about the time was completely transparent and fair. She clearly stated her boundaries and communication regarding what I was allowed to do was super professional. I respected her boundaries like the law and she mentioned how much she appreciated that. She was so excited to meet me, so bubbly in person, so affectionate with me, and did I mention sweet? Gentlemen, treat her with the utmost respect, kindness, dignity and care, and you will have the time of your life. It was a transcendent experience. Her conversation ability is phenomenal with how many subjects and life topics she can easily talk about with expertise! Luckily, I Already established being a regular client of hers and she is just amazing. Thank you Amilia for everything! You are a precious gift to mankind. I am beyond grateful for the time we shared! Most respectfully, Leo

review by Leonard on 6/25/2021 12:17:55 AM

Leonard gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Amilia was absolutely wonderful! I had the time of my life as she catered to my needs. She is very soft, sensual, and passionate about her work and it shows. I felt very at ease with her company. Would definitely party again!

review by B. on 6/22/2021 7:28:49 PM

B. gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Amilia... Much of my experience is a repeat of the previous reviews. She is a treasure and was easily one of the most beautiful providers I've seen. Not only is she gorgeous, but she was also very intelligent and I enjoyed chatting with her while getting comfortable... She's as sweet as she is very sexy. When I did meet her, I saw a girl with an exotic face and an intense look. Something about her striking hazel eyes. She was beyond my expectation and we made a real connection.

review by ILANO on 6/19/2021 1:56:02 PM

ILANO gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Honestly, there are no words to describe how beautiful she is in person. I tell you, I walked in to Sheri's with my heart set on one girl and then I had a back up plan if she wasn't available. Mind you I went with the sole intent to meet with one of these two women. As soon as I arrived I requested a tour with the lady who was my first choice. As I waited around with the two friends I came with each were approached and taken on tour by other ladies. I took this time alone to survey the room, that's when I saw Amilia and my plans went out the window. By now the lady I had requested came out and she was very beautiful as well but I could not shake Amilia from my head. Even after the tour I immediately asked about her, I had to know. Soon she was introduced to me and her personality matched her looks. She makes you feel so calm and at ease in he presence yet still carries herself like this all knowing, all pleasing goddess. When she smiles at you though, is over your lost. By the end of it I felt myself wanting to impress and please her more than I even cared for my own pleasure. She is definitely worth the visit. I wish I had known before I went so I could've planned to see her more.

review by James on 1/19/2020 11:54:06 AM

James gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

WOW!!! She makes me love America, Freedom, LIFE! Thank you Amilia for the time of my life!

review by CountryCowboy on 1/17/2020 10:34:41 AM

CountryCowboy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Tonight I was fortunate enough to have spent some personal time with Amilia, I could go on and on about the time we spent together, but all that needs be said is this woman is all you could imagine and so much more, in all candor, I did not want the time to end!
Amilia is simply amazing, anything, everything and more than you could wish for, an awesome woman in every way!!!!!

Amilia you know how I feel ??

review by Jim C on 1/12/2020 6:42:49 PM

Jim C gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Amilia is a Brazilian Goddess. She trully pleased me in more ways than expected. Her soft touch, welcoming smile and eagerness for pleasure is overwhelming.

review by OhioCowboy on 10/24/2019 5:07:43 PM

OhioCowboy gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I decided to have more fun and take a trip to Sherries Ranch. I Googled to see who was available. And saw Amelia profile. I set up a party. Amelia was very nice and engaging also with a energetic, wild, naughty side. Amelia was very good at filling my desires and needs leading to an awesome party. Now i can't wait to set up my next visit to see Amelia.

review by David on 7/14/2019 6:37:12 AM

David gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

This was my first time at Sheris Ranch and Amilia made it so fun and comfortable. She has a great personality and is gorgeous in every way!! When I come back Im definitely going to see her again. I havent been able to stop thinking of her and the good time we had together.

review by Mike on 8/19/2017 3:18:07 PM

Mike gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

I can't say enough good things about Amilia! From the start she was so nice and easy to talk to which is why I felt so comfortable with her! I was a bit nervous but upon meeting her and getting to know her sweet personality, I became a ease, which is why I'm glad I got to spend time with her. Let me start by saying she is gorgeous and has the body of a goddess, those pictures on her profile are nothing compared to seeing her up front. By the way, her smile really is her best feature. She flashed that gorgeous smile at me and that's all it took for me to get hooked instantly. She was also genuine and gave her attention to making sure I was having the best experience possible, which I did without a doubt! Amilia you're and angel, and I look forward to coming back and spending time with you again! Thanks for the wonderful experience that I will never forget! For those wondering which girl to choose, Amilia is the answer! Take it from me, she's amazing and will cater to all your needs, you won't regret it one bit!

review by Carlos on 7/30/2017 12:19:13 AM

Carlos gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Amilia has got a heart of gold and a genuine sense of maturity beyond her years. This was my first experience at a brothel, but Amilia made it easy. I had an appointment going in, and boy was I delighted when I met her face to face. Sherri's website gives you a hint of how incredible her body is, but it does not do her justice. She is gorgeous and sexy as hell. We met in the bar and headed to her room for negotiation. Being prepared to spend a significant amount of money, I was a little taken aback about the total cost to spend time with Amilia. She was more than worth it, as she genuinely gives all of her attention to you. By the end of our time together followed by a drink in the bar, I felt like we have known each other for a long time. Amilia is an angel and well worth your money. Thank you for an amazing time Amilia. I hope to win enough at the tables tonight to spend more time together.

review by Al on 6/23/2017 4:59:20 PM

Al gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

If you're anything like me, you've been looking at the website and curious about checking Sheri's out. I finally decided to go in and I am glad I did.

My game plan was to sit at the bar and talk to several girls before I made any decisions. That plan was wrecked when Amilia walked over and flashed that beautiful smile and dazzled me with her sweet personality.

Amilia made me feel very comfortable as I was nervous being a newbie. Incredible exotic looks, chill personality, and insanely perfect body made me melt. If you you are on the fence about coming in, trust me, Amilia will put you at ease and have you fantasizing about your next visit.

review by Dan on 6/2/2017 4:30:54 PM

Dan gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I could carry on endlessly about how gorgeous she is in person. She is intelligent and fun to talk to, as well. But don't take my word for this, go and see her for yourself! My visit with her was incredible and will be a great memory to look back on. Thanks Amilia, for the for the experience that you gave me.

review by R on 5/12/2017 6:04:00 AM

R gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Had a wonderful experience with Amilia. Very playful and fun. Easy to speak with. Very sexy, pretty and classy.

review by Vegas Man on 5/11/2017 12:18:01 PM

Vegas Man gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

A sultry aspect,

The gentle curve of the neck,

The warmth of a caressing invitation,

All things are Amilia

review by Steve on 4/17/2017 6:29:11 AM

Steve gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

So glad I made the drive to spend some time with Amelia! I actually went without having a girl in mind. However, after spending some time with Amelia, I know my next drive to SR will only be for her! I can't wait to do it again!!!! Amelia, you rock!!!!

review by SP on 4/8/2017 6:10:05 PM

SP gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

Amilia is amazing. She's very patient and kind, and very dedicated to ensure your complete satisfaction.

review by Dennis on 4/2/2017 10:13:54 AM

Dennis gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

She is amazing very easy to talk to and makes you feel right at home

review by Robert on 3/8/2017 6:39:09 PM

Robert gave this experience a 5.0 stars.

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