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I'm originally from Ireland but I've also been to a host of other countries and love swapping travel stories. I've gotten to see most of the US in my travels but I still have a few places left on my bucket list. I'd love to see the Northern Lights in Alaska and the rainforests of Oregon. I've been a professional violinist my whole life and I also play guitar and piano. The same things I love about being a musician are the same things I love about being at Sheri's. I love getting to make people happy everyday whether it be through music or companionship. My favorite types of parties are the ones where we truly get to know each other and explore the deepest parts of our sexuality - the ones you keep secret from the rest of the world ??
Some of my hobbies are primitive camping , video games, haunted houses, crocheting and cooking (odd, I know!) I like to have fun. I believe life is much too short and it's our duty to squeeze every last drop out of it. That's why I like to include fun things in my parties. Whether it's dancing, playing strip twister, or body painting each other at dawn, I think the best experiences are had when we release our true selves and let our childish sides play and explore each other.
I have a wide variety of specialties. I'm a fantastic masseuse and love to spend time in the Nuru room. I also have experience in bondage, pegging, domination, submission, porn star experience, prostate massage, role play and fetishes. I love women so ladies and threesomes aren't just welcome but encouraged! My favorite kind of party is probably a true girlfriend experience though where we take the time to really connect with each other and live out our deepest fantasies. We have a beautiful pool and jacuzzi outside and sipping champagne while watching the waterfall at sunset is a great way to set the mood for a night of discovering levels of pleasure you didn't know existed.
I'm very open minded and believe in finding the kindness and sensuality that's inherit in everyone. So if there's anything you've been afraid to suggest to a partner or some aspect of yourself or request you're nervous about, I'm the girl to talk to. Everything about me is 100% real from head to toe. You can email me through the link below or find me on Twitter @NormaJean4u to set up an appointment or just say hi. If you're looking for someone that's kind, authentic, intelligent and affectionate, I'll be waiting by the pool at sunset for you??
Can't wait to meet you!
Norma Jean

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My Best Feature: Smile, personality and enormous breasts!.

My favorite position: Why choose?.

My favorite toy(s): Vibrators, Dildos, Strap-ons

My favorite sport(s): Martial arts, American Football

My favorite color(s): Black

The Most Unusual place I had Sex: A hospital.

Language(s) I speak: Spanish, Irish and English.

My fantasy: I love to role-play.

Norma Jean's body stats

My height: 5 feet 10 inch

My current weight: 160

My current hair-color: Blonde

My eye color is: Brown

My current stats are: 36D 30 36

I am: Caucasian

My current age is: 32

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June 2020 - September 2020
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